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Welcome to PK Software

"PK Software .NET" is Paul Kohler - I am a software engineer from Brisbane, Australia. I create applications and consult on Microsoft .NET technologies.

Creating applications is not just about cutting code, but meeting functional requirements and creating a product that is maintainable and in many cases extendable, increasing the lifetime and therefore the ROI on a project. PK Software creates long term software solutions to problems.

Mini SQL Query

Mini SQL Query Logo Mini SQL Query is a minimalist SQL query tool for multiple providers (MSSQL, Oracle, OLEDB, MS Access files etc). The goal of the Mini SQL Query tool is to allow a developer or trouble-shooter to quickly diagnose issues or make changes to a database. This is done using a tool with a small footprint which is fast and easy to use.

Mini SQL Query is an open source project hosted on CodePlex. See

The help has moved to MiniSqlQuery/Help

Verse Popper

Verse Popper Logo If you are looking for the Verse Popper application, please go here.